Blockchain for business

Taking a walk down memory lane, financial advisers had many reasons to ignore Bitcoin and a dizzying buffet of alternatives. They didn’t take them as worthwhile investments. But 2021 brings a little surprise: things change. Biggies are beginning to take a closer look at the high-yielding alternative asset class. …

Blockchain technology served as the basis for the creation of cryptocurrency, an electronic analog of money in cash. Tokens, surrogate to securities, appeared later. The next step was the digitization of products from the real world. Non-fungible tokens, the ones our article will be about, allow you to produce digitized…

Have you ever heard of a mysterious activist investor? No? Well, you’re lucky you ended up here. This article will walk you through a brief but detailed intel on the basic facts about the activist investor. With that said, let’s get started!

Who Is the Activist Investor?
Now, you’re probably wondering…


Tozex is a crypto asset platform which allows to manage token sale, investment and trading in the same ecosystem. #blockchain #token #crypto #eth

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