Activist Investors: a Good or a Bad Thing?

  • For starters, such an investor can leave everyone better off. He can bring fresh ideas about how management can use the company’s assets or enhance its work;
  • Demand for crypto can grow. If you want the truth, activist investors can make the asset’s price waft to the upside!
  • They are powerful enough to bring a radical change. And only time will tell whether the changes will lead to good or bad.
  • They get attention. Truth be told, an activist investor gets more attention than others. He also received all of the media attention.
  • Suffice it to say, the company executives can’t ignore such an activist. He has leadership influence. In addition, he is more results-oriented. He will do his best to enhance the value of the coin.
  • The provocateurs of the market movement are thinking first and foremost of themselves. Sorry to destroy your worldview, but they act in pursuit of their own interests. These guys work out hot to game the system to make sure that it benefits them.
  • Things could take a pretty bad turn. People tend to believe there is a “secret formula” to crypto, but there isn’t.
  • The activist investor isn’t always right, but he’s always the investor. We’re all only human, you know. Human beings are fallible.



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