Entrepreneurs’ Fears

Entrepreneurs’ Fears

Boo! It’s Friday 13 today, that’s why we’re talking about fears.

Some people are afraid of darkness and spiders, some tremble when they see a snake or the land from the 20th floor. But what are the professional fears of entrepreneurs?

Let’s take a look.

1) Fear of failure. A common yet hard to fight thing. Some people are so afraid of a chance to fail that they don’t start anything at all.

2) Fear of risks. If you have beaten the fear of failure, your business has already reached at least something, you may find it scary to move it further and to enter bigger markets.

3) Fear of fears. Close to the first one, but still different. Some people are afraid to feel fear in case of anything goes wrong. Sounds crazy, right?

4) Fear of not being creative. “What if y idea is not new? What if I’m just the same as all the others?” As we wrote once, sometimes it’s not the new that wins, but the better.

5) Fear of financial problems. Good idea needs good money, and entrepreneurs need to search for investors, or invest all they have themselves. Or turn to banks for loans. Huh, that’s what Tozex can help with.

6) Fear of saying no. To irresponsible people, to irrelevant tasks, and to too much little opportunities that distract you from your global goal of becoming a success.

7) Fear of change. It’s always hard to leave the comfort zone, but it’s crucial for business to break that shell and to meet the big sea. Otherwise one will never become a shark, and will always be an oyster.

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