Key Insights from Tozex x DeepSquare AMA Session with Christophe Ozcan and Florin Dzeladini

2 min readDec 21, 2023


In a recent Ask Me Anything (AMA) session hosted by Tozex, Christophe Ozcan (CTO and co-founder of Tozex) and Florin Dzeladini (co-founder of DeepSquare) shared valuable insights into the projects, as well as the future of decentralized finance and high-performance computing.

Tozex’s Mission and Flash Sale

Christophe Ozcan emphasized Tozex’s commitment to empowering users with safe investment opportunities. Highlighting their unique mechanism using a multisignature wallet governed by Tozex and project founders, Ozcan assured that this approach guarantees fund security. He also announced the upcoming Tozex flash sale, detailing the investment conditions and inviting the community for further inquiries.

Florin Dzeladini on DeepSquare

Florin Dzeladini shared his journey from a PhD in intelligent systems to co-founding DeepSquare. He critiqued traditional mining as unsustainable and introduced DeepSquare as a decentralized, high-performance computing platform, aiming to make high-performance resources affordable and accessible. DeepSquare’s focus lies in supporting compute-intensive tasks like AI, gaming, and the metaverse, with a vision for a permissionless and censorship-resistant cloud.

Technological Innovations and Tokenomics

Dzeladini discussed DeepSquare’s use of Avalanche for scalability and sustainability. He explained the current state of their testnet, allowing users to submit compute tasks and the platform’s transition towards real-world applications. DeepSquare’s tokenomics, inspired by Bitcoin’s halving model, incentivizes early adopters and ensures long-term project growth.

Future Roadmap

Both speakers touched upon their future plans. Tozex is preparing for the official token sale of DPS tokens, emphasizing a user-friendly approach with a minimum investment threshold and multiple payment options. DeepSquare, on the other hand, is focusing on going live with its platform, integrating more providers, and enhancing its technology.

The Flash Sale is scheduled on 27th December at 2pm CET on the Tozex platform for a limited period of 72H.

The funds are collected on a Multisig Wallet and co-managed by both parties to guarantee a listing in April 2023 in case of success.

DeepSquare is using the first RWA token pegged to the available computing power on the network.

Vision for the Future

In closing, Dzeladini shared a long-term vision for DeepSquare: an unstoppable cloud capable of running the latest AI technologies, accessible to all, from students to professionals. He foresees a multi-chain future where each blockchain can have its computing infrastructure, independent of centralized providers.


The AMA session with Ozcan and Dzeladini was an illuminating discussion on Tozex and DeepSquare’s roles in the evolving landscape of blockchain technology and decentralized computing. Their commitment to innovation, security, and accessibility paints a promising future for both projects.

Listen to the full version of the AMA Session.

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