The Benefits of TOZ Tokens

The Benefits of TOZ Tokens

TOZ tokens are easily transferable, either directly between two people (P2P) or through a special crypto exchange platform. The ability to exchange TOZ tokens gives greater liquidity to this type of asset than shares of an unlisted company. Moreover, the crypto asset market operates constantly 24/7/365.

TOZ distribution will be diluted over time among all investors. Indeed, every quarter, you will receive a portion of capital reimbursement and interest. The reimbursement period (12th, 15th, or 18th of the month) will start when the investor makes the investment. The date when each investor receives their TOZ tokens will diff from one another. When you combine the quarterly dilution of the distribution with the specific starting date, they contribute to reducing the volatility of TOZ’s price.

The most important thing is to bring easy tools to companies that want to enter the crypto or blockchain space. They don’t have the time to learn or train their internal team on all the financial and technical specificities of our ecosystem.

Investors will get a standard process for investing, and it will be very easy for them to invest in transparency and determine if the fundraising campaigns are successful. (If they’re not, then the smart contract will reimburse them directly). After that, traders will get an exclusive opportunity to enter new successful projects, bringing more liquidity to them.

Each investor will be able to get a positive return on investment.

TOZ tokens will be distributed each quarter after the fundraising campaign based on our innovative protocol, the believers’ reward offering.

This protocol is an innovative crowdlending mechanism based on stablecoins, which means that the initial investment amount (capital) will be fully reimbursed as 50% stablecoin (DAI) and 50% TOZ tokens.

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