Tozex AMA Series (Episode 2)
Q and A

Q: What trading features will the Tozex platform have in the future to support professional traders?(@tapegendruo)
A: The platform is already having professional tools like trading view allowing to make technical analysis. Moreover, we will work to provide trading report activity with famous traders who will share their thoughts about the market.

Q: KYC is mandatory to use the full-service Tozex platform. Or are there exceptions?(@tapegendruo)
A: The KYC is not mandatory for all services provided by the platform like the Launchpad allowing to give access to our smart contracts library. However, each user will be KYCed to invest in projects listed on Tozex to respect the regulatory frameworks for an invested minimum amount of 1000$. It’s Important to protect our users and be compliant for a long-run perspective.
All listed projects on the platform on the investpad section will have to deeply conduct due diligence avoiding non-serious projects to be listed in the goal to protect our investors.

Q: Regarding we can currently withdraw Toz tokens from the platform directly via Metamask. Is the Tozex platform fully Dex or Cex? Please elaborate more. (@xpecnars)
A: Tozex platform is a hybrid one called a “DIstributed EXchange” (DIEX) or a non-custodian platform because we are not holding any funds of our client. DEX platforms are not decentralized in most cases there’s a company behind it or an identifiable team who can be prosecuted at any moment for not respecting compliance laws. CEX is in that sense proposing a custodian platform where the fund of users is managed in a centralized way causing a risk of internal thefts or external hacks. We think that our approach is the best to match compliance and security requirements.

Q: In this year, many tokens or coins make some different things to push their price, to make someone interested, like make NFT or Game…
What is your plan to make TOZEX price up, to make someone interesting with TOZEX? (@MESSTA10)
A: Real users are interested to find the best opportunities to invest and the price is just the reflection of a good project from a long-term perspective. In our case the price of our tokens will evolve in the future for many reasons, we have a limited supply of 1.6M of $TOZ, and our token is a cross-chain one that will be soon proposed on many existing Blockchain networks like Binance Chain. Moreover, we have scheduled to launch very soon a staking BRO program which allowing our community of believers to be rewarded for their staking actions.

Q: What is the main security measure taken to guarantee the trading of cryptocurrencies and user funds on the Tozex platform? (@MrGaleno)
A: The platform is using external compatible wallets like Metamask or Trustwallet to allow our users to invest or trade their tokens on our platform. By developing our sidechain, we guarantee as well zero fees for all transactions done on our platform to bring a competitive user experience.

Q: What makes Tozex different and unique from other defi projects that will make people and investors invest in Tozex? And what assurances, means and uses can Tozex give? Does Tozex promise a lifetime investment and a passive income to its investor? And what move will and can Tozex make if its price falls more than its original value, is there a buy-back action planned, or a marginalized line of Tozex price for it to remain its price value and not be unvalued?(@Acillecram)
A: The unique approach is to have all services on one platform like Launchpad for issuing ERC20/ERC721 and managing ICO/STO/BRO investments using smart contracts capabilities to bring full transparency. The investpad will propose only strong projects who have passed internal due diligence and sometimes be selected by voting from our community. Regarding the secondary market, we are proposing on-chain trading services directly using our scalable sidechain network for all listed projects. Tozex platform is a self-funded project and a sustainable one we are not relying on the TOZ price to expand our activities. However, the Toz Token is a utility cross-chain token allowing us to value our services.

Q: Is there any possibility in the future for the Tozex platform to accept deposits and withdrawals via fiat? for example directly from the bank or P2P model? Thank you for your answer. (@weldonxx)
A: Yes, we are working on it for the final version.

Q: Future trading is in high demand in the crypto market and is growing rapidly with fantastic trading volumes. Would you also consider futures trading for Toz tokens? With all the consequences, I think this is good for Tozex and an opportunity for traders. Thanks. (@clokopucs)
A : Yes, we are now discussing with major exchanges to list our $TOZ token to bring more volumes and liquidity to it.

Q: Would you consider an event TOZ trading competition? or rebates for trading TOZ too? (@nobreku)
A: Yes, trading competition will be announced on our channel with the targeted exchanges. We invite you to follow our Tozex news channel

Q: Tozex So far, Tozex has cooperated to support or sponsor any projects, if so, what is Tozex’s assessment of which projects are good to support or sponsor? And a strategy to attract customers for development what is that project? (@tangbatquy2)
A: Yes, all selected supported and sponsored projects will be available on our Investpad section for our users to get the opportunity to invest in. The strategy is very simple it’s based on financial success for all stakeholders.

Q: My question for AMA is so simple: what is the Trump card of TOZEX and why should we invest in this project? (@Anahita1258)
A : We prefer the term Macron card, as we are a French project. You should acquire $TOZ if you are interested to invest in exclusively listed projects, participate in the upcoming staking BRO protocol and then as well have some rights to vote to support and sponsor a project.

Q: Nowadays many exchanges and platforms are being hacked and people lose their funds so how Tozex platform will protect our funds? Will there be any guarantee? Please give us more details about the security of this platform. Thank you. (@Behzad16282743)
A: Such events will never occur with Tozex because we will never hold any funds. We are using blockchain state-of-the-art technology by the use of digital signature, smart contracts, and distributed ledger to propose our full services “Your Keys, Your Funds”.

Q: What are the benefits and advantages of TOZEX for traders and investors that other companies don’t have, so traders and investors don’t hesitate to invest their funds in this project? (@mydumx)
A: The main advantage is to have all services in one platform by proposing zero fees for investing and trading services which are not possible on other platforms.

Q: What are the transaction speed and transaction fees of the Tozex Platform? Currently, does Tozex Platform have any programs that can help users reduce transaction fees? (@GrossP300)
A: The transaction speed on our sidechain is estimated to reach 10 000 TPS and scale more in the future. The fees will be zero for each transaction executed on our sidechain network with collateral of 1000 TOZ to be held to avoid network attacks. All such information will be released at the right time.

Q: Fund hacking or stealing is always a headache problem on any exchange trading platform. So how safe is the fund that is going to be kept on TOZEX? What will happen if there is a problem with a fund of users on TOZEX?(@wycko)
A: We don’t think such things will occur because we don’t hold any funds for our users. The only way to be hacked is for you to give access to your wallet to an external service or share/store your private keys online.

Q: What unique and reliable SERVICE does Tozex have and what other platforms don’t related to deposit and withdrawal? Does it also involve staking and mining which are currently popular? (@tapegendruo)
A: The unique service is to propose a set of investment opportunities ICO/STO/BRO for our users to invest in. Staking protocol like the BRO one will be launched as well to earn passive rewards and attract more users to our platform.

Q: How is the listing on Coinbase going? It is an important exchange so I want to know if it will be possible to trade TOZ on this exchange (@TheHeroes)
A: We are on the list of projects to be considered but at the moment we cannot disclose any news related to it now. Please wait for our upcoming announcements

Q: How do you intend to earn more users’ 100% trust/confidence towards this project? This is because there’s no much inflow to where there’s no trust and confidence. Thanks. (@Solomon73)
A: Trust the technology itself and nor company behind is the best way to convince our community about the sustainability of the Tozex platform? Thanks to our decentralized architecture, users will keep full control of their assets. The team behind the Tozex platform are involved in this industry since 2013 and has a privileged situation to anticipate the evolution of Blockchain technology and the expectation of crypto Believers.

Q: Hello, what’s Tozex team plans to Spread and extend their services all over the world? (@Akbar23458)
A: Tozex has come a long way since the setup of the project in 2018 by making strategic partnerships. Recently TOZEX has been accelerated by DEFI.Org accelerator program funded by Binance and Orbs. We will extend our services to their worldwide community.

Q: What unique and reliable SERVICE does Tozex have and what other platforms not related to deposit and withdrawal? Does it also involve staking and mining which are currently popular? (@tapegendruo)
A: Tozex is the only platform that allows creating and exchanging of crypto assets on various Blockchain protocols. We propose to our clients the possibility to select the most appropriate protocol for their needs. In this perspective, we will extend the available protocol as fastest as possible in adequation with the technical development of Blockchain technology.
Toz tokens confer voting rights to their holders. The Community will be able to contribute to the selection of the new Blockchain protocol to be added to the tozex platform.



Tozex is a non-custodian tokenization platform proposing 4 services: Launchpad, NFT Marketplace, Token Bridge & Multisignature Vault.

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Tozex is a non-custodian tokenization platform proposing 4 services: Launchpad, NFT Marketplace, Token Bridge & Multisignature Vault.