Tozex AMA Series: Q and A

Q : How many markets will the Tozex team lobby in 2021?
A : Tozex aims to align the interests of entrepreneurs, investors and traders to bring them into a fully regulated and transparent ecosystem.

Q: What is the effect of Tozex on etherum 2.0, what becomes more valuable or not?
A: Eth 2.0 is upgraded complete new version so there will be huge scope to use Ethereum 2 blockchain has speed txn scalability and efficiency using with low gas cost on mainnet. Moreover, the Beacon chain alternative allowing to bring sidechain capabilities is something very promising for a new generation of DEX. The use of Sidechain is the future of Blockchain platform by bringing security and flexibility at the top level.

A : Yes we will announce very soon our staking program to the community who deserve to have an alternative to earn passive rewards for their support.

Q : What is the value that the Tozex project brings to humanity under the risk of an economic crisis and the influence of Covid-19 pandemic as now? What challenges is Tozex team facing?
A : The entire world is facing a new paradigm with Defi allowing to unlock the capital access to new projects looking for investments. In the meantime, a new generation of investors are coming and ready to invest in promising projects by investing low amounts to minimize their own financial risks. Micro investment activity at international scale is for us the best fire power to be the next generation of kickstater.

Q: As a community-based project, how can I donate my quota for your success? Do you have a Global Ambassador Program or a Referral Rewards System?
A: We have already launched an ambassador program which always accessible and we are planning to launch a referral program too. Indeed developing a local community is as well part of our long-term development strategy.

Q: How much price target TOZ?
A: Unfortunately we don’t know how much it will reach, it all depends on our team’s hard work and as well of course of the community support.

Q: Recently, the NFT cryptocurrency market has grown very strongly, many GAME projects have earned millions of dollars, so TOZEX intends to cooperate or support NFT Game projects?
A: Yes we are looking at this area very carefully by proposing in the future on our marketplace such innovating projects to tokenize their NFT as well on our launchpad.

Q: So I looked at Toz supply which is quite low and the project’s idea of integrating a crypto asset marketplace into its tokenpad (BRO) platform which is also a game-changer, I’m very curious as to getting a peep into what will clearly stand Tozex out from the likes of Poolz and DuckDao. What’s that special spicy that makes Toz a different kind of a gem?
A: We are more advanced in terms of functionalities and scope. We provide technically our own smart contract standards through the Launchpad allowing our selected projects to avoid the auditing process and complicated smart contracts development with all the security issues faced by Defi platform. Few billions were lost due to a lack of technical backgrounds by new projects jumping within a new ecosystem that they don’t understand. Moreover, our platform is a non-custody one we don’t own any funds of our clients, your keys your money.

Q: What are the biggest Tozex strategies to fight with other projects that offer a similar platform?
A: Our approach is unique we have not seen another platform proposing all our services yet. Some of them are proposing a part of our functionalities like Launchpad, Dex, etc.

Q: We are in the first quarter of the new year,what can Tozex holders expect till the year end?
A: They can expect a brand awareness of our projects, new partnerships and new developments. Our today users will be our tomorrow investors that’s our vision.

Q: I always believe that Tozex will go a long great way in crypto world from the start and I am so lucky to be part of this awesome project. May I please ask when will Tozex be listed in Binance? Does Staking also available for Tozex? Thank you so much ahead for your kind reply and Kudos to the brilliant Team behind it.
A: As you have seen we have a strong partnership involving Binance with grant program. We have been chosen due to our vision and our internal skills. The main issue of this ecosystem is thinking that all have to be made as fast as possible but in real life there is some internal process to respects and due diligence to conduct before announcing listing dates. Patience is the salvation of our community. Most of you are supporting us for more than 1 year now. We didn’t start our project on bullrun period only focusing on speculation price action.

Q: What are the goals and objectives of TOZEX?
A: Our main goal is to offer investment opportunities to the most promising projects to our community of investors. Investors or traders are the keys to bring mainstream adoption to Defi.

Q: We are in the first quarter of the new year, what’s price holders expect till the year end?
A: Only god knows how much our token can reach. This is something that we cannot predict but as a low supply we think that’s our valorization still underpriced.

Q: Do you have more plans for attracting the best investors in #TOZ projects in the future?
A: Yes we are making partnerships with some accelerators for that like B-hub for Europe and recently Both of them bring us opportunities involving Crypto VCs and Hedge funds.

Q: Do you have plans for increasing the volume of Tozex coin?
A: Listing on major exchanges and bring awareness to our project potential

Q: Congrats for Tozex has been chosen to join Regarding this achievement, what strategic planning will Tozex do for targeting more partnerships?
A: Our plan is very simple being partners with key players. We are very accessible and we have no problem discussing how to evolve our product to close such partnerships. We agreed for example with to launch our cross chain token on BSC directly on Orbs. The announcement is coming.

Q: How your team provides issue about mass adoption of blockchain through data-driven transformation of the economics ecosystem of DeFi projects?
A: Well, the data driven transformation has to be efficient by bringing transparency as much as possible to newcomers. The use of this technology is because it’s a trustless layer where all information can be checked without the need to rely on a central authority that’s why we are developing our smart contract library and our sidechain solutions to bring all of our activity accessible even to competitors.

Q: Burning program for tokens may not sound like a good idea to anyone who is not familiar with crypto. Nevertheless, for cryptocurrencies, it often is beneficial for a project’s long-term value. How about Tozex. What’s the plan related to that opinion?
A: We don’t believe in the efficiency of the burning program to create scarcity. We don’t think that if you burn 5% of the Bitcoin total supply you will increase its value. The valorization of a crypto asset is made by one rule which is the offers vs demands.

Q: Elaborate how are technical functions such as scalability, workflow, customer privacy protection, and databases deployed and handled? Where do you feel need to improve in the future? How flexible is the functionality and design of your platform in the face of the rapidly changing market?
A: Customer privacy is something important for us we don’t impose a KYC for our launchpad functions and as well for the DEX one. The KYC is only needed when important volumes of investments are done to avoid money laundering. Regarding scalability, we deeply think that a sidechain is a good alternative to security vs scalability because such distributed system allows to commit on mainnet only sensitive data or settlements. Our ecosystem is very young and new technological approaches are publishing every day, the innovation still the key to be competitive.

Q: Does Tozex support Stacking, Liquidity Mining and Yield farming? If not yet, maybe someday?
A: Not yet but all very very soon.

Q: What is Tozex’s marketing strategy to reach the Asian market? Any event related to your expansion agendas?
A: At the moment we are making local partners by launching our Ambassador programs. Regarding the partnership, we are discussing with a lot of Blockchain labs and exchanges too.

Q: Why build your own sidechain when you can use matic or xdai? Or why not release in optimism? A new sidechain will bring in friction and poor UX. Own sidechains are usually perceived as centralized too?
A: We don’t think that their sidechain is targeting our own objectives. When you own a sidechain network you own development directions of the network we cannot rely on a centralized governance model which could impact our business activities.

Q: What do we expect based on transaction fees when tozex blockchain is launched? When do we expect the lunch because for me l will not sell my gems till then?
A: We want to propose a free transaction fees model where there is no cost to make transactions on our network. However, for having such capabilities you will have to stake a percentage of TOZ on your sidechain wallets preventing us by a punishment mechanism to attack our network by spamming it.

Q: Security is very important and valued by today’s users. Can you describe the security that Tozex uses? And if there is a hack, is there insurance for investors?
A: Security is our main preoccupation, first we never hold any funds on our non-custodial platform to avoid massive thefts (internal or external). Secondly, we don’t host the KYC information asked on our servers, Blockpass which is our KYC partners have the role of it.

Tozex is a crypto asset platform which allows to manage token sale, investment and trading in the same ecosystem. #blockchain #token #crypto #eth