Tozex Announces Strategic Collaboration and Partnership with Mercuryo

Tozex Announces Strategic Collaboration and Partnership with Mercuryo

Tozex aims to make small and medium businesses enter the token-based economy as easy and safe as possible, that’s why we need to ensure that all the transactions made by every member of Tozex Platform are made easily, that the way of interaction is user-friendly, and that the payment gateway is safe and stable.

That’s why we are happy to announce the strategic collaboration with Mercuryo a European cryptocurrency wallet service and the provider of crypto payment gateways.

Established in 2018, Mercuryo has already become a recognized payment gateway among the moguls of crypto world — the gateway is currently installed at OKEx, Bitfinex, Trust Wallet, LATOKEN, BTC-Alpha and other cryptocurrency platforms with millions of daily visitors and customers. Mercuryo is always ready to provide its services for small and aspiring businesses, which makes its vision common with Tozex’s one.

As well as ours at Tozex, Mercuryo’s main goal is to make it easy for everyone to connect with the world of crypto and blockchain, that’s why this cooperation will provide our users with new unlimited opportunities worldwide.

Tozex’s priority is to establish the user-friendly and credible ecosystem, and speed up blockchain adoption and open the access to token-based economy to SMEs, so the functionality of Mercuryo’s services will serve for all the needs of our precious community.

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