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4 min readSep 9, 2022

If you’re unfamiliar with Tozex and its smart contracts, don’t worry, we’re going to clear things up for you.

Tozex is a tokenization platform which provides users an easy solution to issue and manage their fungible or non-fungible tokens, provide token sale contract, and governance contracts and implement multisignature. However, what many users find the most appealing is the Smart Contract feature, which allows projects to save tens of thousands of dollars in developing, supporting and auditing.

Tozex Smart Contracts

Developing smart contracts requires a solid understanding of cryptography, programming languages, computer science, and how blockchains work. Of course, you want to be sure that the software you’re receiving is accurate, reliable, and provides the most efficient experience for your users. All these elements can only be achieved with extensive testing before deploying the smart contract.

With Tozex, projects can use smart contracts as a trustless way to manage token issuance, distribution and governance. It doesn’t matter if the tokens are used as securities, utilities, or as a method of payment. All types are maintained by an open-source library on the Tozex platform.

What does that mean? Well, the team of a project won’t need to hire a third-party firm to develop standards of smart contracts. This type of service usually winds up costing a project at least $10k, per contract. By comparison, Tozex only charges a few hundred dollars for the standard and custom functionality.

Tozex boasts an open source library, which means that anyone has the ability to audit it, check its validity, and even contribute to its development. With a library based on Solidity, Tozex is compatible with Ethereum, Polygon, RootStock, Ethereum Classic, Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche and any other EVM-supported blockchain.

The Smart Contract Library is covering and categorizing the following specificities :

A) Fungible Token contract based on the ERC20 standard including some custom and functions by design like:

  • Vested Wallet or Smart contract function used to protect the interest of the project to ensure the entire control of your crypto assets from hackers, none compliant investors/wallets or undesirable market making bots.
  • Burn and mint token function with EIP-2309, a Consecutive Transfer Extension, which enables minting any number of tokens in a single transaction to multiple wallets, reducing in a faster and cheaper execution for project owners.
  • Multi ownership function allowing to have a maximum of two owners to comply with a DAO demand.

B) Non-Fungible Token Contract based on ERC721 standard including some customized and audited functions by design like:

  • Support of any metadatas format (JPG/PNG/PDG/MP4)
  • Storage of metadatas in IPFS and Cloud system to guarantee the display of the NFT
  • Compatibility with all NFT marketplaces (Opensea, Rarible ..) and all NFT ERC721 wallets (metamask, Trustwallet …)
  • Include EIP-2309, a Consecutive Transfer Extension, which enables minting any number of tokens in a single transaction to multiple wallets
  • Include EIP-2981, a NFT Royalty Standard Extension allowed by the marketplace during a sale of the NFT to notify and send the royalty amount directly to the wallet creator.

C) Automated Token Sale Contract (ICO / STO / BRO) compliant with all stablecoins (USDT/USDC/BUSD/DAI) to automatically collect funds on an external wallet and immediately distribute your tokens.

  • Support ERC20 fungible or ERC721 non-fungible token sale
  • Stablecoin and native blockchain cryptocurrency accepted
  • White listed and authorized wallets (optional)
  • Lock and unlock token transfer mechanism for emergency action
  • Automatic token distribution to investors
  • Automatic distribution of the fund to founders

D) Multi-signature Token Contract to secure all fungible assets among co-signers (until 10) used to deploy a specific governance token mechanism.

  • Up to 10 co-signers allowed to confirm an outside transaction
  • Management of ERC20 fungible and ERC721 non-fungible tokens
  • Possibility to set up a deadline confirmation parameter for an outside transaction

Tozex in a Nutshell

Overall, Tozex is a platform used by blockchain projects as a way to raise funds. Tozex gives users a way to kick off a token-based crowdfunding campaign. As a crypto-asset platform, Tozex is designed to manage the entire tokenization process throughout a single ecosystem. The primary purpose of Tozex is to bring together the interests of all stakeholders and present them in a single, transparent, and regulated environment.

If you’re a blockchain project and need help with your token launch and/or crowdfunding campaign, visit the website today. Tozex team will provide the assistance you need for your project to be successful and trustable!

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Tozex is a non-custodian tokenization platform proposing 4 services: Launchpad, NFT Marketplace, Token Bridge & Multisignature Vault.