We’re happy to announce that $TOZ Token is now live on Binance Smart Chain!

We’re happy to announce that $TOZ Token is now live on Binance Smart Chain!

The Tozex TokenBridge allows users to transfer digital assets between multiple chains. At the moment, $TOZ Token can be transferred between Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain.

TOZEX Token $TOZ still can be used in Ethereum and now in Binance Smart Chain, allowing our community of believers to use the network of their choice.

Our Cross-chain bridges provide fast and secure connections between blockchains, creating scalability and interoperability between EVM networks.

Bridge Fees

The bridge fees are paid in $TOZ to cover both network GAS fees allowing you to swap your $TOZ Token on the selected Blockchain networks. You don’t need to pay ETH or BNB additional fees. The fees are automatically calculated accordingly to the network activity.


We will not move our $Token out of the Ethereum ecosystem. And as far as our bridge works two ways, it’s still possible to swap $TOZ back on Ethereum. We bring decentralization more accurately to our users, and they can choose the network they like without suffering from network congestion.

We consider using RSK, Polkadot, and Cardano networks in the future.

Use the Tozex Bridge: https://tozexbridge.web.app/.

Tozex is a crypto asset platform which allows to manage token sale, investment and trading in the same ecosystem. #blockchain #token #crypto #eth