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5 min readNov 1, 2022

Despite the current state of the cryptocurrency market, the appetite for the sector remains strong.

Alas, its complexity as well and without prior knowledge, it’s difficult to fully utilize its full potential. That is why we have created Tozex, a platform to cover in 4 services all the needs you could have while leveraging the true blockchain power in an easy and reliable way.

Tozex services

Financing Tokenized Projects

We all have many ideas and projects that can revolutionize the world. Unfortunately, many problems arise:

  • develop your project with simple, effective tools that adapt to the needs of the project;
  • find financing in an economy where loans are less and less accessible;
  • keep funds safe and secure;
  • gain visibility and user loyalty.

All these problems now have a solution: Tozex. Tozex is a tokenization platform that consolidates multiple services and provides a layer of security to all its stakeholders.

Advantages of the marketplace

Why look for qualified developers or lines of code that may have errors or defects when you have an industry approved solution at your disposal?

As a tokenization platform, Tozex provides you custom services based on our standardized libraries to easily give birth to your projects. More than saving time, you will also save your money, while fully benefiting from the Web 5 revolution.

Once your project is on track, it’s time to move on to the next step: financing.

But where to find funds? Should we turn to banks or crowdfunding?
Maybe it is more efficient to use blockchain and cryptocurrencies to raise money?
But between
ICO, STO, what should you choose?
What are the risks and challenges of these methods?
Where will you find qualified investors?

Yes, being an entrepreneur is not for the faint of heart. Hopefully, with Tozex, you already have access to a community of like-minded investors interested in your project. You also get access to BRO (Believer Reward Offering) and UTO (Utility Token Offering) financing, the result of over 5 years of experience in fundraising, that will maximize the loyalty of your investors and your new community.

But now, how do you spread awareness and attract new users?

Thanks to the ever-growing Tozex community, you will benefit from your visibility on the platform to attract new users. The money you saved by using our platform can be reallocated to your marketing!

But, a community will not be able to grow consistently without being able to assure investors that their funds are safe.

Because, now that you have the funds, how do you ensure that they are safe?

Hacks are becoming more and more common in the crypto industry, and 2022 could be the worst year ever. So how do you make sure you keep your funds safe?

Once again, Tozex got your back.

All the funds you receive are secured by a distributed governance mechanism that involves three entities:

  • company founders
  • Tozex Founders
  • Tozex community investors

Such a mechanism protects your project from rug pulls and other governance risky activities. But, how do you also ensure that a member of the team does not run off with the money?

Tozex Multisignature Vault

Many legitimate projects fail because one or more ill-intentioned people on the team succumb to the temptation to get the investors’ money. With the Tozex Multisignature Vault, this problem no longer exists.

Our in-house technology allows you to set up a distributed wallet governance to manage your assets with identified multi parties up to 10 (founders, partners, or investors…). Such service is provided to delete the single point of failure that causes you to lose access to your wallet and prevent the fund of the organization from being sensitive to targeted wallet hacks.

Moreover, we implemented the first multi signature wallet integrating the most useful tool for scalability and spreading awareness: Bridging.

Tozex Bridge

If marketing remains one of the classic ways to attract new users, the cross chain is another. By making your project exist not only on one but on several blockchains, you:

  • improve the scalability of your project, say bye to the risk of a network congestion;
  • can create new tokenized products to scale your business;
  • target users of other blockchains.

Today, the main problem of cross chain remains its interoperability. To overcome this problem, developers and engineers have created “Bridges”. These make it possible to move freely from one blockchain to another. Unfortunately, we no longer count the hundreds of millions of dollars of hacks linked to these.

Whether it is a mistake in the design of the Bridge or a rug pull on the part of the team behind it, the result is the same: the investor loses.

With Tozex Multsignature Bridge, this problem has finally been solved.

The unique design of the Tozex Bridge allows users to swap their Tozex marketplace assets using a multisignature scheme on all our eligible blockchain networks.

As Tozex is blockchain agnostic, you can choose whichever network you prefer, whether that’s Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche or Binance Smart Chain, and enjoy the security provided by our multisignature scheme.

Supported blockchains

Finally, what will cryptocurrencies be in 2022 without NFTs?

NFT Marketplace

We are also aware of the importance of NFTs, and that’s why our platform has its own NFT marketplace.

More than just a copy of other existing marketplaces, Tozex implements the latest innovations in the industry to allow you to mine faster and easier at lower costs. The integrated NFTs.

Advantages of the NFT marketplace

All creators have access to the marketplace to receive royalties while getting their eligible Creative Commons creator license with a watermark protection. Thus, creators and collectors can finally enjoy art and work together.

Besides various blockchains, Tozex supports the best token standards, including: ERC721, EIP-2309, EIP-2981, and EIP-5218.

Best standards implemented

These services are already available and others are to come, the blockchain is only at its beginning, the Tozex platform too! To make sure you don’t miss any of our upcoming products, or even help us create them, join Tozex now!




Tozex is a non-custodian tokenization platform proposing 4 services: Launchpad, NFT Marketplace, Token Bridge & Multisignature Vault.